Itermediate Bulk Containers - AKA - IBC's Return logistics



IBC return services are becoming a critical offering of any serious Public Warehouse.

Top companies in the high-paced bulk packaging market continue to develop their services to provide one-stop shopping to buyers. In addition to providing a wide array of containers and products, producers are also beefing up their service offering. And in most cases this involves some form of container management services.

There are three main reasons for this:

First, environmental pressures from regulatory agencies, along with the Responsible Care initiatives of the Chemical Manufacturers' Association (CMA) and other organizations have caused container producers to step-up their material recycling efforts.

Second, industry cost-reduction trends have buyers increasingly looking to suppliers for vendor-managed inventory (VMI) and single-sourcing programs.

And third, the nature of the bulk packaging marketplace, with stiff competition on all sides, has forced producers to diversify their product and service offering to customers in order to survive. Suppliers in today's market are focusing on providing all services that affect the container during its life cycle. The logic behind this is that if one producer doesn't provide the total portfolio of container management services to customers, another competitor will, and the revenue stream from that area of bulk packaging will be lost.

Regardless of what supplier you choose, Lewis and Michael Warehousing and Logistics can and does accomodate a variety of bulk container types. We simply facilitate your companies "closed packaging" loop that allows the empty containers to be returned to your supplier, allowing you, our client to add additional dollars to your bottom line!





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