Bar Code Inventory / Activity Tracking


Bar Code Labeling 

Critical to the success of any inventory operation is the accurate identification of the products being tracked. Lewis and Michael Warehousing and Logistics offers a variety of bar code interfacing and any number of inventory reporting to include internet based reporting. This allows you, our customer, to make the most of our efforts!



Inventory Control 

A complete management of warehouse inventory and location data is standard for all Lewis and Michael clients. This service includes the tracking of inventory by locations from building, warehouse, zone, and location to sub-location, pallet, and carton.

Complete transaction management and ease of report procurement is the highest level of inventory control - from receipt to issue, and transfers, to adjustments, cycle counts, and full physical inventories in between.

Combine this with warehouse zoning, flexible Min/Max maintenance, and location categorization for product separation based upon order status or inspection condition.  All of this allows a client to easily maximize warehouse utilization, flow, and efficiency.




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